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Senior Frontend Engineer

Type of Job

Full Time

About the job

We are an early stage company in the Security Automation space. We are founded and led by experts in security software products and services, with extensive experience at venture-backed startups and decades of security domain experience. We have identified an important gap in the market and are gearing up to fill this gap.

Our solution requires constructing a challenging system from the ground up. This will be a cloud-based SaaS system that will eventually need to run at scale.

You will be building the user experience for a rich, nuanced and mission-critical application that keeps our customers safe. You’ll work closely with Design and Product to build a dramatically easier-to-use approach to security and security automation.

You’ll be a good match if you relish the opportunity to build a greenfield product that incorporates all that you’ve learned from your past experiences. We have settled on AWS, LInux, GraphQL and React.js but almost everything else will be determined by our early engineers. You’ll be deep into hands-on coding day to day.

We want you to be informed, opinionated and curious about the right frontend tool set and approach for us to employ.

Come shape the first versions of our products and technologies!


You’ll need this background in order to be successful in the role:

  • 6+ years experience overall

  • Some experience in cloud-based development and operation - preferably AWS

  • Knowledge and experience with JavaScript UI frameworks -- and thoughtful opinions on how to choose the right one for us

  • Insight into the nuances, pitfalls, strengths, and best practices of the various web application paradigms (single-page apps, MVC apps, static site generators, etc.).

  • Experience integrating with APIs

  • Experience with web application test automation tools

  • Multiple projects demonstrating a clear understanding of an end-to-end application implementation.

  • Some experience in an early-phase startup. This doesn’t have to be all or even a large part of your career, but we need someone who has startup DNA

  • Excitement at the prospect of building something from the ground up. Comfortable with helping set the direction for the company, product and technology

Preferred Requirements

The more of these the better, but none are required:

  • Experience developing Enterprise SaaS systems

  • Experience with security software and systems

  • Experience building from the ground up in a startup environment

About us

TalonX is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.


Remote / Silicon Valley, CA, USA