Cybersecurity Services

With the frequency and impact of cyber attacks continuing to worsen as companies rely more heavily on technology to enable their businesses, we've found defenders are challenged in keeping up with adversaries by a labor shortage and a glut of overly complex tools that don’t integrate easily with one another

We've commissioned a survey of cybersecurity leaders who've shared key insights into their challenges:

There isn't enough cyber talent...

78% say team members stay less than 3 years 

68% say it takes more than 3 months to find replacements

69% of organizations are struggling to hire, want to control costs or reassign personnel to other duties

...and teams are challenged to find value in their tools… 

49% say they are not satisfied with the capabilities of their cybersecurity tools

85% reported that they lack the expertise to effectively use and maintain their cybersecurity tools

...and they are focusing on attacks in the news rather than the ones that will cause the most damage

55% say they are concerned about growing cybersecurity threats

While our experts have seen that the majority of the vulnerabilities exploited continue to be known by security and IT professionals at the time of the incident

TalonX specializes in designing and building automated, strategic cybersecurity capabilities for Security Operations, Cloud Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Application Security. Our three service offerings are:

Cloud Security Capability Acceleration

Our cloud security experts will help you improve, accelerate, and optimize your cloud activity monitoring and assess security capabilities in order to: 

  • Enhance monitoring to protect your cloud environments across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

  • Extend security visibility and control across the enterprise cloud landscape

  • Disrupt threats associated with shadow IT, unauthorized data movement, and high-risk application user activity 

Automation Design & Implementation

Our proprietary solutions automate and optimize your security program in order to: 


  • Improve productivity and effectiveness of your existing security staff and tech stack 

  • Reduce the overlap and duplication of security technology 

  • Avoid investment in unnecessary resources and technology 

  • Reduce the likelihood of a security breach

Advanced SecOps Capability Acceleration

Our experienced security monitoring and response experts can help you rapidly surge your monitoring , detection, and response capabilities in order to:  


  • Optimize and expand your existing detection logic 

  • Build your threat intelligence capabilities to accelerate security operations, improve decision-making, and enhance detection and response 

  • Enhance your threat hunting capabilities to actively defend against threats