Cloud Security Capability Acceleration

Improve, accelerate, and optimize cloud activity monitoring and access security capabilities

Cloud Operations Assessment and Strategy

1. Provide outside-in expert review and recommendations to enhance and mature cloud security operations 

Example Activities:

  • Conduct an intelligence-driven Cloud Contour Diagnostic focused on identifying, prioritizing, and aligning your most likely cloud security threat scenarios 

  • Identify cloud security improvement opportunites with associated remeditaion strategies 

  • Develop a cloud security strategy and roadmap to address prioritized cloud security risk

Cloud Activity & Access Security Optimization and Implementation 

2. Analyze and prioritize cloud identity provider capabilities and cloud application brokerage services to enable and accelerate incident investigation and triage capabilities through security automation

Example Activities:

  • Assist in analyzing and prioritizing SOC cloud specific detection and response cases focused on risk reduction 

  • Identify and implement methods to reduce shadow IT, unauthorized data movement, and high-risk application utilization practices 

  • Design processes to extend security visbility through access and activity trails of user and service accounts across cloud applications, productivity clouds, and cloud infrastructure platforms

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