Advanced SecOps Capability Acceleration

Improve and accelerate the capabilities of your Detection and Response functions

SecOps Assessment and Strategy 

1. Provide expert analysis to enhance your SecOps capabilities

  • Make recommendations to enhance your SecOps program leveraging existing technologies 

  • Evaluate program objectives to provide organization and operating model recommendations 

  • Develop an optimized SecOps strategy and roadmap to drive maturity

Detection Logic Uplift

2. Analyze, optimize, and expand correlations and detection logic 

  • Evaluate past incidents to prioritize development of new detection logic and expansion/optimization of existing correlations 

  • Research company and sector threat profile to prioritize new correlations and detections 

  • Analyze and prioritize relevant threats to identify and fulfill priority information requirements 

  • Evaluate current detection logic, map to required data sources to indentify any challanges with log ingestion and alerting

Enhanced Threat Hunting

3. Analyze and prioritize relevant threats and proactively hunt for evidence of their existence

  • Expand vislibty beyond just alert investigation and triage 

  • Drive creation of new detection logic to maintain expanded visbility 

  • Highlight and enable prioritization of people, process, or technology gaps in security capabilities 

  • Document processes and training materials

SOC & Security Analyst Co-Sourcing

4. Investigate, triage, respond, and document alerts and incidents 

  • Provide direct co-source support as analysts in your SOC 

  • Integrate and follow your processes while providing expertise on optimization and best practices as applicable 

  • Help to indentify, prioritize, and support solutioning for your most relevant security challanges

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